Our IoT solution is plugable !

Whether you are planning to build your own platform or are looking for a ready-to-go platform to limit your cost, always using the latest technology, we are there to help you.

Our IoT platform is fully integrated with a whole range of sensors, communication protocols.
It’s implementing security, device management, hook-ups to point solutions and legacy systems, decentralized, statistical calculations, capable to have a worldwide coverage with Telco-alliances or your own antennas.

We offer a platform where you can build your own community even if you want to build multiple-communities it’s possible. Our sensor collection system is based on a robust system which scales to the needs you have.  


Many dashboards are available for your users or yourself if you are in a multi-tenant setup. Each user can have their own access to the data-sets.

You can not only see the real-time data coming from a group of sensors, even from individual sensors. Our platform is capable to even detect broken sensors in your network and inform you about the proper maintenance.

When you have a specific use-case for your business it's even possible to relate the data to a specific dashboard for your need. Data is calculated and presented in the way you requested. For our HR-sensor application, we have even setup possibilities where users can see their individual information only.

A Visualization possibility

Having deployed sensors in your platform we can visualize them and their state on the city/plant map with their state. If an intervention is needed you can easily plan your trip throughout the city. This can be applied when you need to empty garbage bins, servicing equipment or need to send-out people to indicated areas.  

Processing Engine

We have a flexible processing engine solution, which can be adapted even in real-time. We are able to make decision on several of sources, apply logic on it, with or without using a deep-neural network.  We can send out notifications, steer directly machines/lights/.... We even bring an own PLC solution which integrated seamless into the platform.


Our platform is capable to talk with your legacy systems or other point solutions you already have or panning to deploy. Our architects help you to speak with your vendors how their product can be interfaced if needed we build the interface.  We are capable to interact on different levels from hardware to software interactions.  

If you don’t find the right sensor, we even are there to build one for you, a sensor which is capable to help you in your quest. If needed we even provide the required certifications.  We have ready-to-go firmware to be installed on sensor devices.

As we understand only data is data, our platform is capable to interpret your data in real-time.  We have internal data sets which can help you but we are also interfacing with social-media and other mean of information there is. Our integration engine is created to be flexible and handle huge load of data.

But there’s more, we support tracking of mobiles, we interface almost all cars, we know how things are working not only on IT but also on the technical level.

There are so many communication protocols on the market, which can be used. Depending on your need and sensor you will need to use another protocol. Our architects are there to find the right protocol for your need.

As there so many possibilities of connectivity, we opened our platform to many possibilities. There are Telco’s having their specific IoT protocol, some point-solutions come with their own antenna’s or data is located thru an interface, whatever the connectivity may be, we are there to help you. Looking for a specific case? Want to reduce communication cost with your own hardware? No problem we can deliver it if you want.
Our Engine

As you noticed we interface almost everything what’s out there. This is why we designed our system from this point of view. We scale to the extreme, we support decentral processing, real time processing of Hug- data-sets and on top of this, we can find the pattern which you are looking for in real-time

Our system comes with already a set of predefined cases, which can be applied in smart-cities, industry, transport and many more. Looking for a specific business case, no problem we support it.

Our engine has an action/reaction capability, to perform tasks on events. The outcome can ranging from sending an email/SMS to steer directly a machine.

Next to the business value you are looking for, we offer a device management system. If needed interfacing with telco and 3rd party solutions. We are convinced we have a unique way of looking to device management , not only doing just device management but implementing a number of features like version , data captivity, historical information, security , sensor roll-out mechanisms  and many more.

We have experience in roll-out of systems and how to handle change-management.  We have solutions around privacy and the new regulation of the EU.  

Our system is configurable in a multi-tenant setup as customer (Enterprise edition) and is configurable on user level what access you want to provide (all editions)


We expose the processed data in every possible way, we have our own dashboard, which can be used to use our platform to the extend.  Want to interface with other dashboards you already have, no problem we provide an interface for it.  In some business case you need to expose, scrambled or not, data to 3rd parties, we also have this available on our platform.

As our platform is capable to do analytics and think about action/reaction, we have also solutions in place to steer devices in the field or in your plant. We interface or provide our own hardware to do so.



What we support on our platform

We have a broad implementation of possibilities on our platform. Below you can find the communication ways we support.


Discover,register and “thrust” new devices on the network

Information Flows
From device to another system for conveying status changes in the device


Requests from devices looking to gather required information or asking to initiate activities


Commands from other systems to a device or a group of devices to perform specific activities


Information flows from other systems to a device or a group for conveying status changes in the world

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